California accounts for most of U.S.A unique visits to Stack Overflow (17%). But its Visitors Aren't Any More Likely to Visit this Site than Other Web Addresses. While it's 2x More Likely to Encounter Visitors from Massachusetts Here Than in the Average U.S. Website

 California accounted for 17% of all U.S. visits to Stack Overflow in the last month. However, it is also the biggest state. To correct for this, Quantcast computes an "Index".

"Indexes are calculated by comparing the percentage of a site's traffic from a given state to the pattern of all Internet traffic measured by Quantcast - e.g, an index of 500 indicates that the site gets five times as much of its traffic from the given city than the average Internet site." [1]

And in this perspective, Massachusetts might account for only 4% of the overall unique traffic. But Stack Overflow has 2x more visits from this state than other Internet sites get!

Index of U.S. States

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