Who Visits Stack Overflow? 

Recently, we looked at the geography behind Stack Overflow's top developers. We discovered that London is the city with most users with the highest reputation. And that New Zealand and Sweden are global leaders in terms of top users per capita. Now we decided to shift our research, from Stack Overflow's talents to its visitors. 

We've analyzed Quantcast's data on: 

  • The demographics of U.S. visitors to the site
  • The timeline of Stack Overflow's boom

  • The number behind the countries, cities and U.S. states whose people visit Stack Overflow the most

We've imported all of this Silk, so that you can quickly query the information, explore patterns, visualize data interactively, share it all in a few clicks on social media, or embed the (responsive) graphs online.

How to Use This Silk: Browse the charts and maps below. Click "Explore" anywhere on the site to go into visualization and filtering mode. Search for individual pages or entities in the top search box.

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